Best Fake Tan Sprays and Self Tan Gels
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Best-selling Fake Tan Sprays, Tanning Gels, and Spray Tan Solutions at the Fake Tan Shop

Find the best fake tan sprays, self tan gels, and spray tan solutions with the help of the Fake Tan Shop. We list some of the best fake tan sprays and best-selling fake tanning gels and spray tan solutions available for sale in the UK. Whether you’re looking for an instant spray tan, a dark spray tan solution, a natural looking self tan gel, a tanning mist that doesn’t streak, a non-smelly spray tan solution, a natural spray tan, or even an organic fake tanning spray or gel, we have a selection of leading sunless tanning sprays and airmist solutions for you to choose from.

Most fake tan sprays come with an instant guide colour to give you an instant tan as soon as you apply the spray on the skin. This instant guide colour will stay on the skin until you shower it off to reveal the developed tan underneath. Typically you will leave the fake tan spray or tanning mist on the skin for 3-5 hours (depending on the product) whilst the tan develops – after which you can shower off the guide colour to reveal the tan. Some fake tanning sprays are marketed as 1hr spray tans, 60 minute tans or Fast Tans, these products will still give you an instant tan but the actual tan will develop on the skin in a more quicker time, typically from 1 hour. Often if you leave the fake tanning spray on the skin for longer than 1 hour it will continue to deepen in colour, which is perfect if you want a darker shade of fake tan.

Depending on the product, you can leave the fake tan solution on the skin for up to 3 hours to achieve the darkest fake tan, simply follow the instructions supplied with the spray tan to get the right depth of tan when using a fast-developing fake tan.


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