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Fake Tan Lotions & Creams
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There are a wide variety of fake tan lotions to select from in the UK, ranging from fake tan lotions with tints and guide colour (known as instant fake tan lotion), to self tans which do not contain any guide colour and go on the skin as a white cream (known as developing fake tans). The former will give you an instant tan from the tint whilst the actual tan develops on the skin over the course of several hours. Some of these fake tan lotions are also marketed as fast-developing, typically giving you a fully developed tan in 1 hour, whilst many others will develop in colour over 3-5 hours. There are benefits to both types of lotions, so it is just down to your own personal choice which type of tan you prefer.

The latter type of fake tan lotion will not give you an instant colour but will instead develop subtly on the skin over several hours – these types of fake tan lotions are often favoured by customers who have lighter skin tones or are trying out fake tan lotion for their first time.
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