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Gradual Tan is one of the most popular types of fake tans due to its simplicity of use. Most gradual tans come as white creamy moisturising lotions that just go on the skin like your regular moisturiser. Gradual tan lotion quickly absorbs into the skin and will develop gently in colour over the course of the day. Gradual Tan will only slightly deepen your existing skin tones, so if you’re looking for a fake tan that will give you just a little hint of colour, a gradual tanning product may be perfect for you.

The other benefit of gradual self tans is that they allow you to gradually build up the colour on the skin with several applications spread over several days. This allows you to control the colour, unlike actual fake tans that will develop into a deep shade after just one application. If you find just one application doesn’t give you enough of a tan, simply re-apply after 24 hours and the gradual tan will deepen just a little more on your skin. Many people find that they can use a gradual tan everyday for up to 5-7 days, at which point they have found the depth of tan that best suits them. To maintain your gradual tan, just re-apply every few days thereafter and you’ll keep your glow going for as long as you want.

There are a wide range of gradual fake tans on the market, each with their own USP – some are known for being particularly moisturising, whilst others focus more on using only the best natural and organic ingredients to make their gradual tan even kinder to the skin. Gradual tan typically will not streak, especially if you apply your gradual tan with a tanning mitt. Just remember that like all other fakes tans you can buy, gradual tans will still tan you where you apply them, so just ensure you are applying your gradual tan evenly all over the body to achieve the best results and most natural-looking gradual tan every time.


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