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For All My Eternity

Back Applicator


Self Tan Back Applicator - Apply Fake Tan Lotion & Mousse, Sun Cream, Sunblock, Aftersun, or any Moisturiser to Your Back Yourself

  • Lets you apply moisturisers and tanning products to the difficult to reach
    areas of your back.
  • No need to ask anyone to help tan or moisturise your back for you!
  • Re-useable, simply wash with hot soapy water when you're done.
  • Saves getting self tan on your hands and reduces any mess.
  • No more difficult-to-tan areas!
  • The applicator reaches 100% of your back.
Product Description - The Ultimate Self Tan Lotion Back Applicator

If you are one of the few lucky people who can reach 100% of your back, then you are amongst only 20% of the worlds population who can actually do this! For the rest of us, we have to attempt endless contorted positions trying our best to reach all the difficult bits of our back, and no matter how hard you try it's almost impossible not to miss a bit. This can be especially frustrating when it comes to applying self tanning products on your own where even and full coverage is a must to ensure a totally natural-looking tan. Very often people will ask their friend or partner to tan the difficult parts of their back to ensure full coverage, but what about all those times when you don't have a friend or partner available and you need to tan? Simple, you use the Self Tan Back Applicator! With the back applicator, you can now reach 100% of your back on your own - without any help. The back applicator lets you easily apply self tanning products to those difficult to reach areas of your back quickly and evenly, ensuring no mess - it's the must-have tanning accessory for all self tanning aficionados! The Back Applicator you will receive has a either a black, red or clear handle.



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