Best Medium Fake Tan
Find Your Perfect Fake Tan - Step 2
Good Choice! So you’re looking for a medium tan. There’s a still a wide selection of fake tan products that will give you a medium tan, so let’s narrow it down a little more. Fake tan comes in a variety of styles, most people have a preferred style of product they like applying on their skin, whether it be a mousse, lotion, or spray. Select your favourite style of fake tan below to see the results. Typically fake tan mousse is the easiest to apply, followed by lotions, with gels and sprays often being a little more advanced. That said, if you apply your fake tan with a tanning mitt, you should find all fake tans are easy to apply and will give you great results and no streaks. Our top tip – make sure you buy a tanning mitt with your fake tan!
What Style of Fake Tan Do You Prefer?
Medium Self Tan Lotions
Medium Tanning Mousses
Medium Tanning Gels





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